013 – Lateral Rectus Recession by Dr. M. Ramprakash

012 – Lifting the Veil by Dr. Senthil Nathan

011- Management of Aphakia with Lris Dialysis by Modified Sewing Machine Technique and Retro Fixated Lris Claw IOL by Dr. K. V. Ravi Kumar

010- Nucleus Drop by Dr. Archana

009 – Surgery Isn’t Over Until It’s Over / Zonular Dialysis During Cortex Aspiration in a Patient With No Per-operative Zonular Dehiscence by Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh R

008 – Innovators Spotlight – “punchorhexis” by Prof. Dr. Mohan Rajan

007 – Innovators Spotlight – “c M T Flex Lens as an Option in Aphakia” by Dr. Nivean Madhivanan

006 – Innovators Spotlight – Iverler – a Simple Innovation for Eye Opd in Coivid Times by Dr. Megha Nair

005 – Innovators Spotlight – “Augment & Extended Reality 3D Opht.. By Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh

004 – Innovators Spotlight – “3d Printed Glaucoma Drainage Device” by Dr. John Davis Akkara

003 – Innovators Spotlight – Frugal Ophthalmic Imaging by Dr. Prithivi Chandrakanth

002 – Innovators Spotlight – Journey of Digs by Dr. Nilesh Kumar

001 – Innovators Spotlight – Suture Guided Haptic Fixation Technique in SFIOl (SFIX) by Dr. Prabhu Bhaskaran

Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s Oath for Ophthalmologists

I, as an eye care professional realize by removing darkness and
giving light to the patient
is indeed
God’s mission.
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