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Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association is a seventy years old association of ophthalmologists around 3500 members. The Association works for the benefit of the Ophthalmic community and is affiliated to the All India Ophthalmological Society.

The TNOA organises annual and mid term conferences offering an opportunity to its members to interact with each other and update their knowledge in various scientific sessions at these conferences.

The TNOA also publishes an academic Journal which is circulated to all members and members are encouraged to submit articles to this journal. The Academic and Research Committee offers fellowship and travel scholarships to encourage its younger members to participate in training programs and update sessions.

This website offers a large amount of technical information to registered members of the Society and also patient education information to the general public.

President's Address

President’s speech

Dear Respected TNOA Members,
I hope this message finds you in good health and spirits. It is with immense honour and gratitude that I reach out to you today, as I step into my role as the 70th President of TNOA, coinciding with the remarkable milestone of our Platinum Jubilee with the theme

Together We Grow Towards Excellence in Eye Care

Grateful beyond words to embark on this journey, your heartwarming wishes and blessings have deeply touched my heart. I am committed to steering our esteemed association with unwavering dedication, driven by the collective spirit of excellence and innovation that defines TNOA.

As we celebrate this monumental occasion, let us reflect on the incredible achievements that have shaped our path. Our journey wouldn't have been possible without the great contributions of our leaders and steadfast support of each cherished member. Your commitment continues to inspire and motivate me. Read more...



Dr. Sriram Gopal


Mail : [email protected]