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Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association is more than fifty year old association of ophthalmologists with over 2303 members. The Association works for the benefit of the Ophthalmic community and is affiliated to the All India Ophthalmological Society.

The TNOA organises annual and mid term conferences offering an opportunity to its members to interact with each other and update their knowledge in various scientific sessions at these conferences.

The TNOA also publishes an academic Journal which is circulated to all members and members are encouraged to submit articles to this journal. The Academic and Research Committee offers fellowship and travel scholarships to encourage its younger members to participate in training programs and update sessions.

This website offers a large amount of technical information to registered members of the Society and also patient education information to the general public.

President’s Address

President’s speech

தங்க தமிழே, தரணி புகழ் செம்மொழியே, மின்னல் அழகே, மிளிர்கின்ற மென்தமிழே, கன்னல் கரும்பாய், காதில் இனிக்கின்ற, கவிதை பல கோடி தந்த, தமிழ்த்தாயே, தித்திக்கும் திருக்குறளாய், எத்திக்கும் நிறைந்திருக்கும், உன்னை வணங்கி துவங்குகிறேன் என் உரையை

Those who know me well know that I tread my own path. This Presidency is not about me but about you all. I will diverge from the customary ode of thanks giving and auto biographic recital and share with you what TNOA has planned for you for this term.

Let there be LIGHT

This is not just a slogan. This theme or motto is backed by discussed, detailed action plan.
L Lending helping hand to the society
I Institute efforts to avoid preventable blindness
G Genuine and compassionate service
H Honour and dignity to our profession
T Transfer of Knowledge & skill to our successors Read more…



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