TNOA Membership Benefits

Become a member of one of the leading ophthalmic society in the country

Join Tamil Nādu Ophthalmic association (TNOA) and avail these benefits


Our state of Tamil Nādu and TNOA has always been at the fore front in the field of ophthalmology and has committed itself to promoting science and camaraderie among members. The present membership is around 3500 members from all over the country and the main objective of TNOA is to empower the members. Become a member of this august association and avail these benefits.

1. Gain Access to Member Corner of Website of the TNOA

2. Download Membership certificate & Photo ID Card from members portal on the TNOA website

3. Receive PDF copy of the journal of TNOA – TNOAJOSR – every 3 months in your email and by Whatsapp in your mobile

4. Avail of Reduced Registration fee for members at Annual TNOA conferences

5. Can compete and be eligible for the award in the various award sessions in the Annual conference of the TNOA like Prof.C.P.Gupta Award for the Best Scientific Paper

6. Participate in the TNOA Young Researchers (PG) Award session

7. Receive Other publications of TNOA, Practice Guidelines, receive invites to all academic activities of the TNOA like ARC meetings, webinars etc

8. Receive soft Copy of Proceedings of TNOA Annual Conference

9. Search Details, Address, Contact Details of TNOA Members

10. Take part in Leadership Development Programmes of AIOS if sponsored by TNOA and selected for the programme

11. Can Join Family Benefit Scheme of AIOS

12. Apply for Various Awards, Fellowship, Orations by given by the TNOA. (Details on )

13. Participate in the general body and be part of the decision making process of the TNOA

14. Be part of the Electoral process of TNOA and have a chance to become an Office Bearer of this Prestigious Society