Respected Teachers, fellow ophthalmologists, special invitees, Dignitaries on and off of the dais, Ladies and Gentlemen – a very Good Morning to all of you.

Lead Kindly light

I am a strong believer in Swami Vivekananda teachings.


One blind man went to Swami Vivekanandha and said “I lost my sight what do I do now?” Swami said “There is a difference between sight and vision. You have lost only your sight but don’t lose your vision”.

Ladies and Gentlemen We as ophthalmologists give SIGHT to the patients, when we do a surgery or a reparative procedure – VISION is beyond that. Those who leads us on the correct path are the Visionaries.

We have with us 2 Visionaries who have made outstanding contributions to the welfare of the public. I would like to welcome Thiru Ma. Subramaniam, Minister of Medical and Family welfare – a very good friend, who is known for his simplicity, Humility and Hard work. The next person I would like to welcome is Thiru J Radhakrishnan IAS, Health Secretary, Government of Tamilnadu. A very dynamic IAS OFFICER who has been doing tremendous work in the field of Health Care for Tamilnadu for the past several years. Sir it is a great honour that both of you are here with us to grace the occasion and bless us.

Talking about visionaries, I will be failing in my duty if I don’t mention the 3 extraordinary medical professionals who had the vision to start the Madras State Ophthalmic Association in 1952. They were none other than Dr. Joseph Ganadhikkam, Dr. T.V. Renganathan & Dr. Shankar Rao. Today we are entering the 70th year of TNOA which has the honour of training a huge number of ophthalmologists across this country.

This theme of the year is TAMILNADU SMILING & TNOA SHINING. The excellent governance of the state by the present government has put a smile on the faces of the people of Tamilnadu

TNOA as an organization has an excellent track record in all the fields like education, training & upgradation of facilities. This has been possible because of the work and dedication of the former presidents and office bearers of TNOA.
It is no wonder that we as an organization is shining like the Kohinoor amongst all other state organizations.
We are going through a very difficult phase in our lives because of the Covid Pandemic. TAMILNADU with a the Robust Health Care system has caught the tiger by the tail and brought the situation under control. The recovery rate of close to 95% & Mortality rate is less than 2% which is probably the lowest in the world.

My sincere gratitude to all the Past Presidents of TNOA – their contribution and guidance and selflessness has made it one of the most respected organizations in the country. Our immediate Past President Dr. Thangavelu has got the unique distinction of being a President during the most trying time of our lives. Inspite of the pandemic, they were unfazed and put in a lot of hard work to keep the TNOA afloat.

At this juncture I would like to applaud the organising Chairman & Organising secretary of the Madras Icon 2021 Dr. Arulmozhivarman & Dr. Ravishankar. They have done a fantastic job and worked day and night to make this conference a huge success despite the difficulties. My sincere gratitude to my late father Dr. N.Rajan formerly Deputy Superintendent of Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Egmore who taught me how to be compassionate with patients. His Golden Message was “Treat every patient as your father or mother” and till today I am following that message in the true spirit in every patient I see.

My pranams to my Guru and Mentor Dr.S.S. Badrinath Chairman Sankara Nethralya who taught me not only Ophthalmology but also the ophthalmic disciplines of how to have a life which is very meaningful. At Rajan Eye Care we follow the philosophy of Sankara Nethralaya in every aspect of patient care.

Dr. Mrs. Y.G. Parthasarathy, my Guru, Dean & Director and the founder of Padma Sheshadri group of Schools nurtured my talents as early as the age of 11 and prophesied that I will become an Ophthalmic surgeon.

To recapitulate, the theme of this year is Tamilnadu Smiling and TNOA Shining.

Global blindness was about 80 million in 2005 to 2015 and the numbers are increasing alarmingly inspite of efforts by governments and NGOs
Curable Blindness is needless blindness as Prof Venkataswamy of Aravind Eye Hospital used to say often. Cataract, Corneal blindness, Short sight or Long sight or refractive errors, ocular injuries, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma are curable blindness which TNOA is targeting in the coming years at an aggressive level.

Economic implications of blindness;
The average number of working years lost due to adult blindness is 10 YEARS.Where as if a child becomes Blind the loss is 33 working years.The child becomes a burden to the community, burden to the family, burden to the Government which spends huge amount of money on the Rehabilitation of Blind people. Cumulative cost to the country is about 12 billion dollars. It is the responsibility of the ophthalmologists to eradicate curable Blindness, because 75% of the Adult Blindness and 50% of Childhood Blindness is either curable or preventable.

What is my TOP TEN AGENDA for the year 2021 – 2022. As you know the webinars have become the Gold Standards of ophthalmic education today in the new normal because of corona pandemic.

1) Knowledge is power
A) Walk the Talk with the Luminaries of tnoa
B) TNOA Connect series
C) TNOA PG CATALYST Master Class Series
2) Multi centrics studies, Clinical trials, Research publications etc.
3) Golden Triangle project
4) Preceptorship Program
5) Public Education Programs, Increasing Public image of TNOA
6) Strengthening District Associations
7) Tele ophthalmology / A I : Artificial intelligence
8) Video ophthalmic photography competition / TNOA APP
9) 3D & 4D surgery Low cost EMR
10) Head Quarters of the TNOA

J R D Tata said “ Strive for perfection and You will reach Excellence.”

My Dear Ladies and Gentleman, TNOA stands for

T Technology, Team Work, Total Dedication

N New normal practice in Covid Pandemic

O Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Ophthalmic industry

A Available, Accessible, Affordable eye care to one and all

Miracles cannot cure the Blind But you and we together can

Let us all join hands together to make Incredible Tamilnadu – A BLIND FREE TAMILNADU.

Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to be the PRESIDENT of this prestigious organisation. I assure you I will work to the best of my abilities and take this great organization to greater heights

I sincerely thank the dignitaries on and off the dais for this wonderful Opportunity.

Thank you again

Prof. Dr. Mohan Rajan
President TNOA 2021- 22